Wajima Lacquer Art Museum


About the Wajima Lacquer Art Museum

The museum specializes in lacquer art. The galleries display a large number of lacquer works by members of the Art Academy, living national treasures and other artists from various periods. Visitors can also watch videos related to lacquer art. In addition to Wajima lacquerware, the museum’s collection also includes lacquerware from other parts of Japan and from overseas. The venue offers a deeper insight into the art and technique of the lacquerware.


Address 〒928-0063
Ishikawa, Wajima, Mitomorimachi Shijyukari 11th
Tel +81-(0)768-22-9788
Fax +81-(0)768-22-9789

Visitor Information

Admission fee

Adults ¥630 (group discount: ¥520)
College & Highschool students ¥320 (group discount: ¥210)
Elementary & Junior High students ¥150 (group discount: ¥100)

Opening hours, Closed

Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
Entry until 30 minutes before closing.
Closed Closed for exhibition changes and at the year-end season 29th to 31st of December.


by airplane 60min. by plane from Haneda Airport to Noto-Satoyama Airport then 20min. by car.
by car 90min. from Kanazawa city via Noto - Satoyama sea route or 20min. from Noto Satoyama Airport IC.
by bus 120min. from Kanazawa station via Hokurikiku high-speed rail road. Drop off at „Michi no Eki Wajima Furatto Houmu“ station then 15min. by walk.
by community bus Take the „Ocean course“ of the Wajima Furatto Houmu Community bus and get off at „Urushi art museum“.

Wajima-nuri Large Globe“Earth at Night”

Produced by the Wajima lacquerware Technical Preservation Society
Completed in 2022.


Earth at Night is showing the most condensed version of the traditional Wajima lacquerware technique, completed by technicians from eight different departments (bowl wood, curved wood, woodworking joints technique, magnolia wood technique, lacquer technique, roiro technique, Makie - gold lacquer and Chinkin - gold inlaid lacquerware technique). All the masters of each department have demonstrated their skills to the fullest. The magical sphere represents a beautiful night view of the earth, floating in space. The deep black color, which can only be reproduced by the lacquer technique and the light of the earth, is made by the gold glitter of Makie - and Chinkin technique.